Rehabilitation course for Milana Safina

In September, the "Novoye Pokolenie" foundation helped with the payment for the rehabilitation of a ten-year-old girl from Grodno.

Milana Safonova was born a healthy child. She began to hold her head in time, sit down, rise on her legs, and even walk. But when she was 1 year and 1 month, everything has changed. The baby stopped doing all those things. For a long time, doctors could not make a diagnosis, and only at the age of three Milana was diagnosed with Rett syndrome (a progressive degenerative neuropsychiatric hereditary genetic disease of the central nervous system which leads to losing previously acquired skills). The girl began to be treated, she underwent several rehabilitation courses, thanks to which she began to develop again. It was during this period that Milana began to experience convulsions and epileptic seizures, characteristic of Rett syndrome.

To slow down the course of the disease, constant courses of rehabilitation and daily work with a specialist are needed. This is to preserve and acquire new skills, both motor and sociopsychic. Due to epilepsy, they cannot grant the girl rehabilitation in Belarus. The family is forced to undergo rehabilitation courses for a fee and abroad at least three times a year.

The family of baby Milana cannot pay for the on-site rehabilitation on their own. Therefore, the girl's mother turned to the "Novoye Pokolenie" for financial assistance: the charitable foundation immediately supported the Safins family in raising funds for a rehabilitation course.