Multiservices with E100!

All additional costs during the tour can be easily accounted for with Е100

A full package of services for car fleet support
Accessibility on major European and CIS transport routes
Non-cash payments and transaction security
More than 1,300 freight connections in the Baltic States, the Mediterranean States, Scandinavia and North-West Europe. Handling more than 120,000 ferry crossings per year
  • all ferries in one package
  • online booking via the customer panel
  • reservation confirmation within 30 minutes
  • discounts and individual prices
  • operation of all modes of transport
  • no tickets - all you need to do to get on the ferry is provide your booking number
Heavy trucks on tracks
Rail services without queues and traffic jams in major European directions.
  • online booking and payment via the customer panel
  • accurate planning of delivery time and route
  • safe transport of cargo
  • time on the road is the driver's rest time

Austria - Hungary

Austria - Italy

Austria - Slovenia

Austria - Croatia

Germany - Italy

France - Italy

Switzerland - Italy

Tiry na tory
More than 180 parking spaces for trucks in Europe ensure the safety of your car and cargo.

Extensive car parks meeting safety requirements.

  • 24-hour security
  • Monitoring
Car Washes
A clean car goes faster! 200 modern complexes in Western and Eastern European countries.
  • standard truck washing
  • sanitation procedures
  • chemical cleaning of the cabin
  • motor washing
  • Bitumen stains removal


Great Britain



Car services
Technical support for transport performed by our partners in 28 European countries.
  • 12 car services offering vehicle maintenance and repair, warranty and post-warranty repairs, installation of Toll Collect devices in Poland
  • more than 500 services in Western Europe that offer overhauling and failures elimination during the route
Serwisy samochodowe
Bridges and tunnels
Cashless payment for crossing the most popular bridges and tunnels in Western Europe without additional devices and registration.
  • online booking via the customer panel
  • toll payment via toll collection devices
  • service is available in post-pay mode

The Great Belt (Denmark)

The bridge over the Sound (Denmark - Sweden)

The hardanger bridge (Norway)

The Sykkylven Bridge (Norway)

The Svinesund Bridge (Norway)

The Osteroy bridge (Norway)

The Rio-Andrido (Greece)

The Millau viaduct (France)

The Channel Tunnel (Continental Europe - United Kingdom)

MONT BLANC (France - Italy)

FREJUSTUNNEL (Bardonecchia - Modane)

KARAVANKE (Austria - Slovenia)

LIEFKENSHOEK Antwerp - Beveren (Belgium)



THE JONDAL TUNNEL (Jondalstunnelen) (Norway)

T-LINK (T-forbindelsen) (Norway)

Mosty i tunele
Roadside assistance
Services of the Road Assistance Club in urgent situations on the roads.
  • overhauling irrespective of the degree of difficulty and towing of vehicles
  • elimination of accidents consequences
  • delivery of spare parts and materials
  • search for missing drivers
  • consultation on legal matters






Pomoc drogowa

New E-BOX 14 in 1

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Pay for roads conveniently in up to 14 European countries with E-BOX and its EETS technology

Net invoicing from 4%*

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Don't wait for a tax refund - pay your fuel and road invoices without VAT with the net invoicing service.

Fill up safely through mobile application

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With you in mind, we have implemented a new, more secure way of refuelling with a mobile application directly at the dispenser.

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