E100 Family is a charity project of the E100 group.

E100 has been funding charity programmes since its establishment.

An important area of company's philanthropic activity is closely related to the road transport sector. Understanding the risks and complexity of the profession of a truck driver was the basis for creating a strategy to help drivers and their families who are in a difficult life situation.

Company's charitable activities also focus on financial assistance for children with cancer, orphans, single-parent families, large low-income families, disabled children and their families, gifted children and other groups in need.

Our contribution
families of truck drivers
in difficult circumstances received financial assistance
large families
are in constant care of the E100 Family
regularly receive financial support
educational institutions
receive annual scholarships for talented students
educational institutions
purchased the necessary equipment with the support of the E100 Family
social and educational centres
receive material assistance
Expenditure of
€560 000