E100 Mobility

Fuel your fleet using the E100 Mobile app

Benefits for the manager:


  • No chance for the card to be stolen
  • The cargo and vehicle security during fueling


  • Mobile fueling
  • Secured transactions


  • Instant transfer of mobile cards to drivers
  • Reports available in a personal account

Convenient for drivers:

Just a few clicks

to find the nearest petrol station

On-line control

of ceiling amounts

Mobile fueling,

no need to go to the cash register

Petrol station network

How to activate E100 Mobility in Clients Portal?


Go to the "Cards" tab > switch on functionality in "E100 Mobility" column. SMS with activation code will be sent to the number specified in the contract.

Click "Continue"


For cards from the list enter mobile phone numbers. Confirmation code will be sent to that numbers after E100 Mobility activation in mobile app.

Click "Continue"



Refueling via E100 Mobility is now available for selected cards. Please set up passwords for mobile app access

How to activate E100 Mobile app?

Download the E100 Mobile app
Select password authorization
Activate E100 Mobility in Transactions Tab
Think of a mobile fueling code and try not to forget it – you will need it when fueling.

How to use?

Open a map of the petrol stations, find a convenient one and create the route.
If mobile fueling is available at the station, the "Fueling" button is displayed.
At the petrol station, select petrol station and type of fuel using E100 Mobile app.
Follow the instructions on the screen. After fueling, you may leave as there’s no need to go to the cash register.

Any questions?

Leave your contact details and our specialist will contact you shortly.

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