Fuel card for your fleet

  • Comprehensive service package for carriers
  • Attractive discounts and savings on fuel up to 41%
  • 20,000+ stations in the acceptance network

Reimburse VAT on fuel and EU roads

Net invoicing from 4%*

Pay for roads conveniently and with no fees

EETS in 11 countries with an E-BOX for 0%**

Reimburse excise duty on fuel

10,000 l/msc in Belgium = € 6,520 for excise reimbursement per quarter***

*The commission may range from 4% and its final amount will be determined individually for each client on the basis of the monthly volume of refuellings and the results of client's financial data check.
**Equipment available without a fee in the period between 01/10/2020 - 31/12/2021
***sample calculations

Order the E100 card

Fuel card

With the E100, you'll be able to refuel cheaper in Europe

20 000+ stations in 32 European countries

The E100 card is recognised in the multi-brand station network making refuelling in Europe even more convenient. High availability of the stations enables the purchase of fuel in any country and along any route.
Payments are non-cash and settlements are convenient.


Power Max is an extensive network of stations located on major European routes. With E100, you can fill up much cheaper. We offer petroleum products of the highest quality.

  • every litre up to EUR 0.20 cheaper
  • lowest fuel price on the most popular routes

Fuel card for each carrier

The E100 offer is addressed to all carriers, regardless of vehicle type, routes covered and refuelling frequency. The stations of the E100 network are located on the main lines, close to logistics centres, ports, industrial zones and driver rest areas. Everyone can refuel with us: from non-standard vehicles to buses.

Fuel card for small and large fleets

  • Fuel discounts at 20,000 stations in 32 countries
  • Road tolls in 28 countries
  • VAT and excise refunds in 28 countries
  • Fuel prices available online
  • Up to 30 days of deferred payment for fuel and roads
  • Full range of additional transport services
  • Free tool to manage fuel expenditure
  • Personal consultant for each client
  • Helpline 24/7


Cheap fuel in Europe

At the stations in Europe you will conveniently refuel and prepare your vehicle for the journey. Discount Power Max stations can be found at the main border crossings with Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. In the West you can refuel everywhere cheaply and safely.

Discounts in the West to EUR 0,20

More than 20,000 stations in the world

Tolls paid with one device

All roads in Europe

The universal E-BOX and E100 ONE TOLL toll payment device

Toll for Europe's roads paid through the device or separate billing from each country?

We will choose the optimal way of toll collection for you and take care of all registrations and documents on your behalf.

Reimbursement of VAT and excise duties on fuel + road tolls

Tax recovery from 28 EU countries

A comprehensive service allows you to recover a large part of the cost of fuel purchased abroad and tolls for selected roads. All you have to do is provide us with the necessary documents, and we'll take care of the formalities. Quick refund of VAT and net invoicing.

Reimbursement of excise duty on fuel refuelled in Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Belgium and Slovenia.

Additional services

Payment of other expenses during the route

Toll for bridges and tunnels, RoLa and ferries

Full range of services: from car washes and car parks for truck transport to ferries - fast, convenient and at a discount.

Discounts for all

With the E100 card, it is possible to refuel advantageously in the West. No matter how much fuel you need, we will offer you the highest possible discount at the prepay.

We'll show you how to save on fueling.


-0,17 €
  • 105 stations
  • 11 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT refund


spot +0,05 €
  • 68 stations
  • 7 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT refund


-0,13 €
  • 433 stations
  • 16 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT and excise refunds


-0,06 €
  • 747 stations
  • 41 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT refund


-0,05 €
  • 1396 stations
  • 9 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT and excise refunds


-0,05 €
  • 230 stations
  • 11 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT refund


-0,2 €
  • 188 stations
  • 18 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT and excise refunds


-0,12 €
  • 407 stations
  • 8 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT refund


-0,05 €
  • 364 stations
  • 4 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT and excise refunds


-0,04 €
  • 469 stations
  • 4 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT and excise refunds


-0,05 €
  • 25 stations
  • 1 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT refund

Czech Republic:

-0,03 €
  • 305 stations
  • 4 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT refund


Spot +0,04 €
  • 86 stations
  • 15 Power Max stations
  • tolls
  • VAT refund

Do you manage a big company? Would you like to work under individual conditions? Let's talk!

Start filling up wisely today

No deposit

We do not charge any deposit fees for issuing the card. If you want to start filling up cheaper, just order the card and we will deliver it to you by courier and activate it in a few minutes.

Deferment of payment

On the basis of your company's financial data, we will prepare for you a personalized offer with a deferred payment. We provide each of our clients with an individual approach.

Fuel consultancy

Our managers will select petrol stations for you based on routes and size of your fleet. We also have online tools to plan the most advantageous routes ourselves.

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