Welcome to E100

Е100 is an international business solution provider in energy, mobility and value added services. We have successfully worked in the market for over 20 years serving 20000+ customers.

Making Business Mobile

The E100 is the only fuel card that connects two continents and enables hassle-free travel across Europe and Asia. E100 acceptance network includes over 20 000 merchants in 32 countries.

We provide a full range of services for our clients: tax refund, factoring, cashless toll payments and additional transport services: parkings, car washes, ferry bookings and more.

History of E100

E100 ceased operations in Russia and Belarus.
E-BOX is accepted in 9 countries in the EU. Opening of E100 office in Spain
E100 network includes more than 18 000 merchants
Introduction of E-BOX and Е100 ONE TOLL — universal multidevices for toll payments in the EETS system.
Release of E100 Mobile App
Growth of the network of E100 card acceptance to 12 000 merchants
Beginning of sales of processing systems to other companies
E100 card toll acceptance in Poland and Germany
Launch of the tax refund service, development of the road toll service
Creation of the IT-platform with electronic service set for toll payments. First online transaction
Expansion of the network of E100 card reception in Ukraine and Kazakhstan
Release of E100 card under its own brand
Opening of E100 offices in Poland, Moldova and Slovakia
Opening of the first office. Establishment of the non-profit organisation Road Assistance Club

Our Principles

We build and maintain an environment in which every person has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We constantly look for new ways of the enrichment of our culture and seek to develop the professionalism of everyone involved in the daily working process. Diversity of views helps us establish links wherever we do business.

Our working principles are based on 4 core values: honesty, openness, effectiveness and respect.

We believe this approach is key to providing the best service and products for our customers.