Nikita will hear!

The «Novoye Pokolenie» Foundation often takes part in various fundraisers for surgeries for children. In June the Foundation supported Nikita Shachenka’s family.

The baby was born in 2016 with microtia of the auricles and atresia of the left ear canal. At the hospital Nikita’s parents were told that he was completely deaf. Fortunately, the doctors were mistaken, since 4 months after discharge from the hospital it turned out that although the ear canal on the right ear is very narrowed, it can still transmit sound to the middle ear. Now, thanks to constant work with a speech therapist, Nikita is mastering speech.

He still needs to undergo a combined operation in order to restore the ear canal, ossicular chain and its functioning. The cost of the operation is extremely high, therefore the «Novoye Pokolenie» could not but make its contribution to bring Nikita closer to hearing the world around him.