We do not leave our people to their fate

Lats October one of our Polish sales managers faced a serious disease. 41-year-old Mariusz Sędziak was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma pancreatic cancer.

The news about cancer shocked not not only Mariusz’s family, but also all the E100 team members. According to the doctors, Mariusz has a good chance for making a full recovery. Marius has already completed several courses of chemotherapy which is fully sponsored by the National Health Fund. However, Mariusz’s family has to spend a lot to cover the costs of the medication, consultations and medical examinations.

E100 Family did not stay away and provided Mariusz financial support.

You can also help Mariusz Sędziak defeat cancer. Even small contribution can become the next step in Mariusz’s full recovery.

Link for the fundraiser

We do believe Mariusz will recover and be back to our E100 family!