Unique British training methodology for preschool children

The slogan "All the best for the children" is very appropriate for the administration of the Auxiliary School in Brest, which is doing its best to prepare children for school as much as possible. The "Novoye Pokolenie" also helps the educational institution in this endeavor.

The "Numikon" training manual developed by British scientists for children was purchased. British training methodology helps to teach math skills to children of preschool and school age in an innovative way.

According to the school principal Lyudmila Grigorievna Denisevich, children, who often find it difficult to remember numbers, received a unique opportunity to overcome all the difficulties with the "Numikon" manual, which allows them to develop visual perception and form mathematical ideas.

"Our young students got interest in learning, using this manual. It can be used to study the composition of a number, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All those things are possible thanks to the «Novoye Pokolenie» Foundation. The teachers of our school completed the training to use the manual in working with children. As soon as we master the learning process with the help of "Numikon" to perfection, we will definitely share our experience. We would like to thank the "Novoye Pokolenie" for the opportunity to make the educational process much easier" — said the principal.