The E100 Family project helped rehabilitate the father of four children

The new year has barely begun and the E100 Family charity project has already started to help. We were able to support a truck driver from Navaria (Ukraine) who has been recovering from the accident for almost two years.

Yuri Boyarchuk, 49 years old. Lives in the Lviv Region (Navaria)

„In 2015 I had to go to Poland to make money. There I became a truck driver and started to travel in Europe. During one of the courses, I had an accident that completely changed my life.

On March 2, 2018, I carried cargo through Germany. At one point, I lost consciousness and raided the truck before me. Good thing, I survived. I was immediately taken to a German hospital, where I spent almost three weeks. The bone on my right leg below the knee was crushed hard. The doctors performed the surgery and placed screws in my leg. When my condition improved a little, my relatives took me home.

Already at home, when the screws were removed, the complications began. I had another surgery and then a bone graft. The treatment didn't help.

I was immobile for a very long time. After some time, I was had the Ilizarov device put on which made my leg more efficient and gave me hope for recovery.

In this situation, my employer only helped to solve the problems with the insurance company which paid €1,000 for the ambulance alone, and then additionally for treatment in Germany. However, I did not receive financial support for further rehabilitation.

In March it will be two years since the accident. At that time, I went through about 30 (!) operations. I was assigned a group II disability. All this time, I have not been able to work normally and I have to support my family - a wife and four children aged 2, 4, 7 and 21.

Of course I have a chance to fully recover and return to normal. However, given all the obstacles that have emerged in the process of treatment and recovery, doctors cannot guarantee anything.

I've never worked with an E100 fuel card and unfortunately I didn't know about its E100 Family project which helps drivers in difficult situations. I was surprised when they called me from E100 and offered to help. As it turned out, they were told about my case by one of my driver friends who uses an E100 fuel card.

Before, when someone wished me good health, I didn't realize how valuable is the time when nothing hurts or disturbs you and you can live and work normally. I really hope to get back on my feet quickly and support my family again. Now this is the greatest dream of my life.