Summer travels with the New Generation

The “Nowe Pokolenie” (New Generation) Foundation takes an active part in the life of the ""Healthy Summer 2018” club operating within the Multi-Profile Children and Youth Centre. This time the foundation helped organize the football competition.

In addition, the ""New Generation"" has sponsored a trip to Austria for students from Middle School no. 1 in Brest as part of the ""Don't waste but create” international project. The children prepared their own handmade presentations of the monuments of Brest and Belarus as part of the ""Creative use of products for household” theme. The students could present their works to an international audience. Thanks to the Foundation, the pupils also had the opportunity to get to know the world's cultural heritage and stay in an environment communicating in another language.

The ""New Generation"" also took care of the recreation of children from secondary school no. 18 and sports school for children and youth no. 8 in Brest. The Foundation sponsored the group's trip to the camp. This allowed the children to gain strength before the new school year and spend their time actively in the open air.

The Foundation also continues to support seriously ill children who need special attention. For Kseniya Goregliad, Anton Kutinov and Vadim Onisikov the organization has traditionally acquired hygienic materials.

The ""New Generation"" regularly provides financial support for the Special School of General Education with a boarding school in Żabinek. Last month, a dry pool with vibrations and music was bought for the sensory room with the Foundation's funds.

There are still a lot of tasks ahead of the foundation, as the new school year is about to begin, and this means that no little protegees of the ""New Generation"" will be missed.