Spring month of good with the New Generation Foundation

Spring is a time when you want to embrace the whole world and help someone. This is what the employees of the ""New Generation"" charity do supporting their pupils every day.

Currently, the Foundation is one of the participants of the ""Creating an innovative LEGO studio to help disabled children at the early school age” project carried out in a special school in Brest. As part of the project, the Foundation purchased LEGO constructions to conduct specialist classes with children. LEGO's educational solutions: ""Social-emotional development"", ""Speech development"", ""Interesting mathematics"", ""Simple mechanisms"" and ""First mechanisms"" are to facilitate the didactic process at school and make it attractive and effective.

In addition, the foundation provided financial support to equip the sports hall (volleyball nets, gym mats) in the Kisielevsk secondary school and helped to equip the sensory room in a special high school with a boarding school in Żabinek.

The ""New Generation"" is also actively involved in supporting young talents by acting as a sponsor at various events. The Center for Additional Education of Children and Youth in Brest held a ceremony of awarding the participants of city competitions - ""Маster Paint” computer drawing, ""Videoclasses"" and ""IT Master"" in the field of information technologies. Children from 21 educational institutions in the city took part in the competitions. Following a careful selection, more than 45 works were awarded with diplomas from the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of the Executive Committee of the City of Brest and gifts from the ""New Generation"" Foundation. Moreover, the charity gave away souvenirs to the participants of the concert gala of the city art competition: ""Golden Rooster"". Also with the support of the ""New Generation"" foundation, last month Venezia Fusion held the traditional celebration of the Namebearer Day for the pupils of ""Heart to Children"" and ""Children in Need” social associations.

The Foundation's employees are convinced that the good cannot be a one-off - it should be done every day and at any time.