Small miracle for children from Brest

Recently, a peskographer has appeared in the Nursery Garden No. 3 in Brest. This was a real gift for the children of the institution, financed by the "Novoye Pokolenie" Foundation.

First of all, the table is good because it is bright, attracts the attention of children with light illumination. Despite the fact that it was only recently in work, it has already become the most favorite place for children to play. The pescograph helps to develop self-control, fine motor skills, and oral speech.

According to the administration of the institution, any games with send in themselves open’s childrens’ minds.

"This happens when we introduce a new character or draw, for example, a rain, then briefly talk about a hero or a natural phenomenon. But it is possible to single out games that are aimed at consolidating specific material, help to "awaken" curiosity in children", - noted the staff of the Nursery-kindergarten No. 3.