New Year's Wonder Fair with the New Generation Foundation

Before New Year's Eve, every child dreams that a real miracle will happen. This period is a time of fulfilling dreams. The young protegess of the ""New Generation"" are an example of how wishes really come true.

Since the beginning of the Foundation's existence, many interesting traditions have taken root in it. One of them is the ""Letter to Santa Claus."" Shortly before the expected Christmas holidays, every child from the orphanage in Brest, who believes in the most important children's wizard, writes him a letter with their wishes. The employees of the charity, on the other hand, do everything they can to make every child's dream come true, because receiving a coveted gift is a great joy, and if Santa brings it, it's pur happiness!

Also in December, the annual charity action of the foundation ""Believe in miracles"" started. All the organization's charges, i.e. 16 educational institutions, including 1,319 children, received wonderful sweet souvenirs.

In mid-December, with the support of the ""New Generation"", a trip to the fairy-tale, snowy Białowieża Forest took place. Children from the ""Heart to Children” social organization and the seventh grade of the secondary school no. 31 in Brest met with Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snowflake there.

It is worth noting that in December the foundation also took an active part in the celebration of the Belarusian Day of the Disabled. As part of this initiative, employees of the ""New Generation"" organized a sweet treat for children from the Moscow Region Centre in Brest. Moreover, 30 families from the organization in Brest of the ""Belarusian Association to Aid Disabled and Young Children"" received packages with various products.

The participants of the third regional festival ""The Sun - in Everyone"", carried out with the support of the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of the Leningrad Region in Brest, were also supported by the Foundation. More than 20 children received interesting gifts from the ""New Generation"".