New Year's Magic with the New Generation Foundation

Before New Year's Eve, it is very easy for someone to become a personal wizard. All you have to do is to be better and more sensitive to your loved ones and listen to their desires in the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle.

For many children this year the ""New Generation"" Foundation has become such a wizard. More than 1,200 sweet gifts were purchased for children from 15 educational institutions, sports and public associations and boarding schools.

For children from the orphanage in Brest, the ""Believe in miracles"" action was traditionally organized. All the little charges wrote letters to Ded Moroz, and the foundation's staff fulfilled their wishes. Every child has found under the Christmas tree just the kind of gift they dreamed of. The Foundation also financed the purchase of another washing machine for the Orphanage. For the Multiprofile Centre, the three-metre high Christmas tree turned out to be a real gift from the ""New Generation"".

The Foundation's employees also took care of the children whose fate they have been caring for a long time. Especially for Christmas, Ksenia Goregliad received a modern tablet from ""The New Generation"". In turn, a New Year's play with presents was organized for children who were under the care of the Children's Hospital in Brest at that time, with the financial support of the foundation and the participation of volunteers.

The ""New Generation"" also remembered about children from public associations: ""Children in Need"" and ""Heart to Children"". It organized a trip to Ded Moroz's residence in Bialowieza Forest.

Winter is the most magical time of the year. Everyone's soul is lightened by meetings in a fairy-tale atmosphere. Therefore, let each day of the New Year be a fairy tale for the ""New Generation"" and its little charges.