New Year's campaign to support Artem Sarmashov

The worst thing in any family is when children get sick. On October 1, 2020, Ekaterina and Vadim Sarmashovs from Volgograd faced such a disaster. Their son, one and a half-year-old Artem, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy of the second type (SMA-2).

This monstrous diagnosis sounded like a verdict. Indeed, with spinal muscular atrophy, the cells of motor neurons are destroyed and the development of this disease can lead to death at an early age from complications with the respiratory system.

According to the boy's mother, Artem was a long-awaited child and the couple carefully prepared for pregnancy.

«When Artem was one-month-old, he was diagnosed with muscle hypotonia syndrome. However, contrary to the diagnosis, he practically did not lag behind his peers in physical development, - said Ekaterina Sarmashova. - We sounded the alarm, as we saw that the child was not developing further. All kinds of screenings began. In a year and one month, seeing a negative trend, we turned to genetics and got tested for SMA. And when the test came back positive, our world collapsed.»

Now Artem is slowly weakening every day. He does not get up, does not walk. Only Zolgensma, the world's most expensive drug, worth more than $ 2 million, can save a baby's life. This medicine is able to resist the disease, but it must be used for up to two years. The boy is ready to be accepted for treatment at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital (Cleveland, USA). But the amount is just huge, and there is very little time.

Artem's parents gathered all their strength and embarked on the path of struggle for the child's life. That is why the E100 group of companies devotes its traditional New Year's charity event to helping a baby from Volgograd.

We want to thank everyone who is financially ready to help Artem. Transferring funds to the account of the boy's parents at the rate of at least 1,500 rubles. rubles (about 16 euros) and filling out the appropriate form for your kindness, we will send you our iconic E100 Family bear.

As of December 16, through the efforts of caring people and organizations, 12,513,840 Russian rubles were collected. This is only 7.8% of the total amount required to purchase a medicine. Therefore, we urge all freight carriers to take part in the action and by joint efforts bring Artem closer to recovery.

We believe that together we can help Artem stop the disease and win his right to life!

The material used the fragments of text from the website of the "Alyosha" charity Foundation.