Kobrin Children's Village is 27 years old!

The children's village is an opportunity for children without parents to find a family, grow up in care, feel mother's warmth and affection. That is why the Birthday of Kobrin Children's Village is a great holiday. During 27 years of its existence the village has passed a difficult path to its formation and development, despite rapid legal changes, managed to find its own identity and become home for almost 400 boys and girls, confidently stepping off to conquer the world. The village has become a place where children, deprived of parental care, find a family and learn to live with brothers and sisters. In 27 years, 165 children from 45 multi-child families have had the opportunity to grow up and be raised together.
"New Generation" greeted happy birthday to all the fosterlings of Kobrin Children's Village and presented the families with sets of tableware.