In 2021 E100 holding allocated 200 000 euros to help people

Another year of E100 Family charity project is over. In 2021 we did many good deeds to support those in need. Last year we have spent almost 200 000 euros to help others. In this article we will share with you the results of our work.

Support for medical institutions
From the first days of the pandemic, E100 Family Charity Project got involved in the marathon to support Belarusian medical institutions. In 2021 we continued to give them a strong pull-up.
We bought four Oxymed Oxygen Concentrators for Brest Central Municipal Hospital. A disinfection unit, mobile and wall-mounted germicidal irradiators and 30 dry air sterilizers (dry-heaters) amounting to 11 000 Euros were purchased for Luninets Central District Hospital. In total, 50 450 euros were allocated in 2021 to render all possible assistance to hospitals.

There are no someone else’s kids
As part of the project we did a lot to provide assistance to the children who need expensive medical treatment.
Due to our support, Ilya Ivkoviy, a 6-year-old boy, Matvey Brestsky, a 2-year-old boy, and Elisey Samorosenko, a 3-year-old boy, underwent a surgery to restore their hearing. Now the children can hear the world around them.
The project helped 5-year-old Nikita Shachenok to get one step closer to his dream. We covered the collection of money for Nikita's surgery to be performed abroad to restore hearing of the boy suffering from congenital hearing loss.
Due to E100 Family, 7-year old Dima Sosunkevich underwent surgery in the left eye in St.Petersburg. The little boy was diagnosed with a detached retina and regained his sight only after this seventh surgery.
In addition to the surgery, the charity project helps with fundraising for children's rehabilitation. Thanks to the financial support, Igor, a 5-year-old boy from Brest, who has Kanner's Syndrome, underwent rehabilitation in "Gorodok", a non-profit organization in Novosibirsk; Milana Safonova, a 10-year-old girl from Grodno, who has Rett syndrome, underwent rehabilitation abroad.
In the year gone by, E100 Family provided four children who have congenital hydrocephalus and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) with comfortable wheelchairs; we bought supplies for a ventilator for twin brothers who have Werdnig-Hoffmann disease.
In addition to financial assistance, our project helps monthly nine terminally ill children by providing them specialized food, medicine, diapers and other consumable and expendable materials.
In 2021 our aid to critically ill children amounted to over 53 000 euros.

Helping truck drivers and their families
The specifics of operation of E100, the company, which started the E100 Family charitable project, is directly related to the trucking industry. That is why for many years we have been supporting families of deceased professional drivers. For example, at the beginning of 2021 we provide financial assistance to the bereaved families of a 56-year-old truck driver and a 53-year-old mechanic of a transport company from Ukraine. These men, who had dealt with transportation for more than 15 years, could not fight coronavirus infection.
The project also supported a woman from Belarus, whose 40-year-old husband died of acute heart failure while on a run in a parking lot in France. The man had two minor children, i.e. a 14-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter.
In addition to helping the families of the dead truckers, E100 Family volunteers provided lunches to the drivers, who were standing in multi-kilometer lines on the Belarusian border for several days.
In the year gone by, we spent more than 13 000 euros to support the truckers and their families.

Children's organizations and E100 Family
Another program implemented within the charitable project is the assistance provided to low-income families and organizations that help children. A Gross apparatus for the rehabilitation of children with locomotor disabilities, a 3D printer, a vocal radio system, a special-purpose computer, an eye tracking device for children with cerebral palsy, a sandograph, orthopedic mattresses, "Numicon" British teaching resource, this is just a small part of what E100 Family purchased and donated last year to the organizations that help children.
In 2021 the project volunteers helped 20 low-income families and four family-style orphanages and bought clothes, shoes, and office supplies.

Christmas Campaign
In addition to charity programs, E100 Family holds contests and campaigns. In 2021, on the occasion of the World Children's Day, we held a contest of children's videos where they offered words of support to a parent-truck driver. And the end of the year was traditionally crowned with our Christmas campaign. From December 13th to 19th, we donated 1 euro cent per liter of petroleum product bought with the help of E100 fuel card at certain E100 stations in Poland and Russia. All the money raised will be spent on charity in 2022.
E100 management expresses their thanks and gratitude to our partners, i.e. Citronex (PL), Las Vegas (PL), Nevada (PL) and Neftika (RU), which supported our charity initiative and implemented the campaign at their own petrol stations.

We believe that we change the lives of many people for the better, grant kids happiness, the sense of security, belief in miracles and human kindness. Thus E100 is not going to rest on its laurels and in 2022 we’ll continue to do our best to help everyone in need through our charity project.