E100 Family to little Simon’s rescue

In our project we help not only our drivers but also close members of their families. Get to know the story of the son of a professional driver - little Simon whom we supported with the amount of EUR 2,000.

In 2013, the world of parents of several-year-old Szymon turned upside down. Their son was diagnosed with pediatric autism - a complex developmental disorder that affects e.g. the ability to communicate, establish relationships and general brain function.

Szymon's medical history began when he was less than 2.5 years old. The boy's mother started to be worried about her son not talking. He also did not behave in a way typical for his peers. After several tests, he was diagnosed with childhood autism. The disorder is characterized by an abnormality in the functioning of the nervous system and makes the child lock itself in its world not being able to develop communication skills.

9-year-old Simon has serious problems also with speaking. He requires regular speech and physical activity therapies. He also needs specialist listening training which he takes twice a year. It's an expensive therapy and the only way to help the boy start talking.

Szymon's dad is a professional driver which means that he travels a lot. The boy remains under the constant care of his mother who, due to the condition of his son, remains at home while raising a 13-year-old daughter. Although the fight against the child's illness is not easy, the parents of 9-year-old Szymon do everything they can not to give up.

Looking for support, the family found out about our E100 Family project and asked for financial support. In addition to expensive therapy, the boy must also take appropriate medicines and supplements, the monthly cost of which exceeds PLN 1,000 . As the E100 Family, we couldn't go indifferent to Simon's story.

The family's dream was to go on a rehabilitation trip together, the cost of which exceeded their financial possibilities. We decided to help. With the support of E100 Family, the family trip will be possible! Such a trip is not only an important therapy for the development of the boy, but also an opportunity to spend time with loved ones which is not always possible.

We wish the whole family a wonderful trip and we are happy to have been able to help.