E100 Family: results of work in the III quarter

The charity project E100 Family continues to replenish the piggy bank of its good deeds, helping people who find themselves in a difficult life situation and numerous organizations in need of support. In this article, we will talk about what the volunteers of the project did in the third quarter.

In the fight for children's health
Our future is our children. It is under this motto that E100 Family and the "Novoye Pokolenie" foundation assist children with serious illnesses.
During this reporting period, we provided ventilators to two twin brothers from Gomel, Belarus. Seven-year-olds Maxim and Vadim Savushchik have spinal muscular atrophy, Werdnig-Hoffmann disease. The boys cannot breathe and are constantly on a ventilator. To take the brothers home, the parents bought a ventilator with all the additional equipment and daily consumables. 
In early September, the "Novoye Pokolenie" foundation helped with the financing of the rehabilitation of 10-year-old Milana Safonova from Grodno. The baby has a progressive degenerative psychoneurological hereditary genetic disease of the central nervous system, Rhett syndrome. Milana loses her acquired skills, and to slow down the course of the disease, the girl needs constant rehabilitation courses. In Belarus, because of the accompanying epilepsy syndrome, Milana cannot be helped, so the family is forced to undergo rehabilitation courses abroad.
In addition, every month we continue to help nine more seriously ill children with disabilities, providing our wards with specialized nutrition, medicines, diapers, and consumables.

Air sterilizers for hospital
In addition to children, the charity project E100 Family also helps medical institutions of Belarus. In the Luninets Central District Hospital, stuffy sterilizers, designed for sterilization and disinfection, broke down. In such a difficult epidemiological situation, we could not stand aside and purchased 30 new dry heaters "AirSterilizer GP-40 MO" for the medical institution amounting to more than 11,000 euros.  

Assistance to children's organizations 
Another big program of the "Novoye Pokolenie" is to help organizations, engaged in supporting children. The foundation purchased the orthopedic "Vegas" mattresses and vouchers to the health camp "Salyut" for the children in the socio-pedagogical center in Brest, Belarus. In the Center for Correctional and Developmental Training and Rehabilitation "Stimulus" at the expense of the "Novoye Pokolenie", a special platform was prepared to teach pupils the traffic rules, adaptation in the environment, and social experience expansion.
The pupils of secondary school No. 2 in Luninets received a vocal audio system and microphone stands as a gift, and the Auxiliary School in Brest was given developmental aids and stationery.
Thanks to the "Novoye Pokolenie", pupils of the "Zhabinka Special Boarding School" will be able to safely move around the territory and inside the building because the tactile tiles were purchased for children with visual disabilities to create a barrier-free environment.

The first of September for low-income families
The end of summer is the time to get the kids ready for school. Some families find this financially difficult. Therefore, the "Novoye Pokolenie" has been always trying to help children from low-income families prepare for the new school year and provide children not only with stationery but also with warm clothes. This September, we supported 20 low-income families and four family-type orphanages.

Support actions for truck drivers
The specifics of the work of the company E100 is related to cargo transportation. Therefore, another direction of the E100 Family project is to support truck drivers. In July and August, at our stations in Russia (RU3333 and RU5751) we held an action, where we distributed juice, cookies, and medical masks to professional drivers.  The charity project also supports drivers who are forced to spend several days in queues at the border. For example, most recently, E100 Family volunteers distributed free food kits at the Belarusian-Polish checkpoint "Kozlovichi", where more than 3,000 trucks were waiting to cross the border.
Many truckers thanked E100 for the support and indifference.

Kryshariki Initiative
We continue to care about the environment; therefore, we launched the second stage of the project "Doing good is easier than it seems!" among the employees of the Belarusian office of E100 in September. All the collected plastic lids are sent for recycling, and the collected money goes to help children in need.
Our employees very actively supported this initiative and were happy to help not only the environment but also sick children.