Driver health station in Świecko harbour

On 29 April, at the petrol station in the Port of Świecko, one could see an unusual phenomenon - girls in sweatshirts with the E100 FAMILY logo distributed freshly squeezed juices to boost immune system, homemade cookies with ginger and reusable protective masks for professional drivers. The action covered 400 drivers.

Joanna Żurawska, E100 Family project manager, tells us about this action.

"During the pandemic, we regularly try to support transport workers. The ""E100 Family Health Station"" initiative was created to boost immune system of professional drivers and show that we appreciate their hard work. Together with our partner, we have produced freshly squeezed juices that contained immunity enhancing ingredients such as ginger, honey, lemon and turmeric. The package also includes healthy cookies and reusable protective masks. Under the action, we distributed 400 sets”, Joanna told us.

This is the fourth action under the E100 FAMILY project during the pandemic. In the two previous ones, hot meals were given out at border crossing to drivers who struggled with huge traffic jams during the restrictions.

E100 Family plans to continue to support drivers who continue to work under current conditions.