Autumn calendar of good deeds

The autumn has begun, and this means that for the ""New Generation"" charity employees that the time has come to be more active.

Always at the beginning of the school year, the ""New Generation"" foundation helps to prepare children for school. This year was obviously no exception. Support was granted to families with many children, incomplete families and those bringing up children with disabilities and orphans.

As part of the ""We're sending children to school"" campaign, the foundation purchased school supplies and plastic materials as well as school clothing and shoes for all those in need.

Additionally, at the beginning of the year, thanks to the funds collected by the ""New Generation"" Foundation, a TV set and furniture for the new educational room in the school in Brest were purchased. Also thanks to the foundation, new computer equipment has appeared in the Brest Centre for Education and Rehabilitation.

The Foundation's employees also did not forget about the students of the boarding school in Żabinek for whom they funded medicines particularly needed in the autumn. In addition, the ""New Generation"" sponsored the purchase of special equipment for the sensory room for disabled children.

The Foundation also participated in awarding the winners of the municipal technical creativity exhibition: ""Technology Territory"". It was attended by 56 students from fourteen educational institutions in Brest. Over 100 works were presented in thirteen categories. The winners of the exhibition were awarded with diplomas of the Education Department of the Executive Committee of the City of Brest and gifts from the ""New Generation"" Foundation.

The Foundation's employees believe that thanks to such activities they will enable children to realize their dreams and help them to succeed. Our common task is to support this goal.