Transport of medicines and medical materials to Kiev

Although travelling deeply into Ukraine has been currently less dangerous than several weeks ago, still reaching such cities as Kiev is associated with certain risk.

In some cases the transported goods are of unique value. This was just the case – highly specialist medicines imported from the USA had to be supplied to the General Clinical Hospital in Kiev.

That is why we want to express our gratitude to our collaborator, Jacob, who proposed to handle the transport to Kiev.

Apart from medicines, we packed the car with live shield vests dedicated to independent journalists who document the crimes against humanity in the areas of Kiev.

On 7 April, Jacob and his friend started out from Warsaw heading towards Lviv, where a part of supplies was left and then directly to the hospital in Kiev.

The entire journey took 16 hours.

On their way, they have passed several dozens of inspection points manned with territorial defence forces and – in greater distances from the cities – with enlistees. According to Jacob, war can be sensed in Ukraine at every step. Many people in the cities and villages move only with long guns.

Three weeks ago Kiev was still deserted. The residents have slowly returned to their homes, however the streets were crossed only with single cars instead of usual traffic jams. Finding a place to eat in the capital took a while.

It is 4 May as we narrate this travel. With a view to the rocket attacks on Kiev taking place several days ago, we know that there is still a long way to go before the people will feel safe again.

After returning to Warsaw, Jacob told us that he will visit Kiev again. And as we all, he hopes that the next travel in this direction will head him to the free and safe country.

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