Tutors for the Kashubian centre for the Ukrainian children

Several months ago, the beautifully located centre in Kashubia hosted the children from the Ukrainian orphanages. At the beginning the care of small residents was provided by the volunteers, however it could not last for long.

The centre was gotten under the wings of the Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Ukrainy (TPU – Ukraine Friends Association), headed by the recognised Ukrainian film producer – Weronika Marczuk.

TPU has immediately started to look for professional tutors to take care of the children and give them a feeling of safety, support their development and adaptation in the new site.

We decided to join TPU and support the operation of the centre together.

Today, our greatest challenge is finding the relevant tutors. That is why we donated PLN 80 thousand for financing their remuneration to TPU. As of this date, TPU managed to find 4 persons and the recruitment of another 5 is under way.

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