Position of the Company in relation to the situation in Ukraine

Dear Clients,

we are saddened and dismayed by dramatic information on the military aggression of Russia in Ukraine. From this time, we have been watching the terrifying reports on warfare taking place right behind our border.

At the same time, certain doubts on the origin of capital of the E100 Group have been emerged in public space. We wish to clarify them ultimately.

Who are we?

The E100 International Trade sp. z o.o. company is a Polish undertaking with its registered seat in Warsaw. Its principal shareholder is a Latvian company – SIA E100 LV. The share capital of the company is owned in 100% by the entities resided in the EU Member States.

In addition, we wish to emphasize that E100 International Trade Sp. z o.o. is not imposed with any sanctions and there are no grounds to apply such sanctions. We do not cooperate with any sanctioned companies.

E100 International Trade sp. z o.o. performs business activity only at the territory of the European Union and is involved in marketing of Polish and EU products. Our situation is stable.

The E100 activity is based primarily on providing services in 32 countries. These are mostly the EU Member States. We contribute to undisturbed economic flow by providing basic commodities – fuel and other services to ensure uncompromised international exchange.

How we deliver aid?

The existing situation is of special importance to us, since the representatives of the Ukrainian nation are both our trusted Clients and business partners, and primarily the employees of our offices in Kiev and Warsaw. That is why we have immediately involved ourselves in humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian refugees. In the company’s seat, we collected first aid kits and medicines, food and other necessary items which are supplied to those in need. Our employees help in transporting the refugees from the border to the places of stay in Poland, invite them to their homes and provide accommodation and necessary help.

The company allocated PLN 200 000 as a first tranche of humanitarian aid. Our subsequent actions include primarily material support of the value of UAH 1 million for our Ukrainian employees and another 1 million for their families.

Management Board of E100 International Trade sp. z o.o.

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