Our help reaches 45 families from Kharkiv

Until recently, Kharkiv has been occupied by the Russian military forces. Today, the liberated city attempts to recover after the nightmare of bombing and everyday fire.

Many Ukrainian families were separated in effect of war, some of them forever. Despite suffering, they attempt to restore normality, routine and ordinariness in their homes. For many families, this normality means fighting for basic products: food, chemical products and medicines. In Kharkiv, these most needed items remain hardly available.

The situation is additionally worsened by the upcoming autumn and winter season and related concerns of no heating. In the destroyed city, many families may be left without heating for long weeks.

We want our support to reach the areas, where it is necessary. To the people who may be not able to deal with this situation when left alone. There are many such families in Kharkiv. In order to reach them directly, we established cooperation with the Ukrainian Foundation The Way of Ukraine. In effect of joint actions, we identified 45 families in particularly difficult situation. Each of them has only one parent left and practically all children are disabled. In last week, we donated PLN 43 thousand for purchase of food, chemical products and medicines.

This is the beginning of our financial support for the Kharkiv families. We have been constantly working on subsequent actions, of which we will notify you soon in the Daily.

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