Aid for the boarding school in Sarny

Last week, the special boarding school in Sarny in Western Ukraine received humanitarian aid. Our employees and E100 company contributed to support the children staying in this site.

The action organised in our office allowed us to collect and purchase basic commodities for the school charges. The bus travelling to Ukraine was packed with sanitary products, food for small children, medicines, clothing, shoes and medical devices (inhalers). Thanks to fuel cards provided by E100 both the ambulance and bus with gifts could safely reach its destination.

Humanitarian aid was organised by the Fundacja Mam Serce (I Have a Heart Foundation) specialising in helping children with severe diseases enabling them expensive therapy abroad. While establishing cooperation with the Foundation, we were able to contribute to this help, reaching to those the most in need.

According to the reports of the site employees, we know that the situation is dramatic. Apart from 225 charges staying there permanently, the site hosts 133 sick children transported from the areas of warfare.

Sarny lacks almost everything: food, clothing, medicines and medical equipment.

In the country at war, access to basic commodities such as diapers or ready-made milk is almost impossible.

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