Ukraine. Fines Imposed on Trucks for Overweight Increased

In Ukraine the fine imposed on vehicles for overweight has been substantially increased. If the weight and size dimensions of the vehicle are exceeded by 2 to 10%, the toll on the national roads will be increased twofold. If the said parameters are exceeded by 10 to 40% - threefold. If the truck does not fit the standard by 40 or more percent, the toll will be five times as high.
Moreover, the order imposes a restriction on the use of roads by the vehicles with the weight exceeding 24 tons and with the load of 7 tons per axle during daytime at the temperature of over 28 degrees. This will help save the road surfacing from deformations, rutting and other forms of destruction. The damage from overload during summer time can come up to as much as 2 billion grivnas, if no measures are taken.
2013-07-02 16:41:00