E100 provides hauliers’ service at more than 2000 fuelling stations in 23 countries in Asia and Europe. Cashless payment for fuel, roads and convoy by plastic cards. VAT return from European Union countries. Trendsetting informational technologies. Help drivers on the roads.


  • E100 cards are accepted by more than 2000 flling stations in 23 countries in Asia and Europe
  • Reliable suppliers provide high quality fuel.
  • E100 network is constantly growing being adjusted to the clients’ demands.
  • Electronic control system for “E100 Alarm” monitoring and “E100 control” are specifically designed to protect against fraud.
  • “E100 Alarm” can track millions of transactions per minute, to detect suspicious transactions and to inform immediately the vehicle owner about them.
  • “E100 Control” sends a report about each use of card to the cardholder’s e-mail.
  • Regular monitoring of fuel quality and publishing of laboratory tests results.
  • Service quality control





  • Wholesale prices at the "E100 Power" stations in Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.
  • Discounts in the Favourable networkin Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland depend on the quantity of the filled fuel and payment periods.
  • Discount up to 10 eurocents in Western Europe.
  • E100 prices favourably differ from competitors’ prices.

  • Help on the roads club is a non-profit organization of E100clients, founded in 2002.
  • Repair of any complexity, recovery after accidents, recovery of stolen documents, missing drivers search and other assistance.
  • The club processed up to 1,500 calls for help each year on the average.
  • Service geography: European part of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia.
  • Club analogues do not exist in Eastern Europe.


THESE ENTIRE ADVANTAGES MAKE E100 CARD                                                
                                           MAIN TRUCK FUEL CARD
  • Card Master - online card management via Internet
  • Urgent Internet or SMS card locking.
  • Invoices and attachments on the site www.e100.eu in the chosen format.
  • The detailed report about your truck filling is published on the site in a few minutes after transaction.
  • The site provides information about current prices at stations (registration is necessary).
  • All informational services are free.