E100 Club – it is nonprofit association of E100 clients for rending roadside assistance to drivers. Year of incorporation – 2002.

Number of recourses:
  • in 2007 – 1404 times
  • in 2008 – 1354 times
  • in 2009 - 1425 times
  • in 2010 - 1482 times
  • in 2011 - 1787 times
which is at the average 4 times a day.
This service is unique in Eastern Europe.
Photo spread from the accident place. E100 Club organized help.



To whom E100 Club render its assistance?

E100 Club helps all clients of E100, which signed the contract and pay membership fees. To receive help E100 Club member has to call on E100 Club Hot Line.

In what situations you can refer to Club?

Club organizes the breakdown maintenance of any difficulty, breakdown elimination, recreates stolen documents, searches for disappeared drivers, acts for your company in court, and other.

Where can you get assistance from E100 club?

E100 Club is functioning in any region of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia.

Does the E100 club have enough experience and possibilities to organize the necessary help?

Management and staff of E100 club are officers in the reserve. Their work proves them as reliable, well-organized professionals that know well the region they live and work in.

How to become a member of E100 Club?

You have to apply to your regional manager.