Baltia and Poland will demand, that their workers should get as much money as they get at home

Poland and the three Baltic countries agreed to oppose the draft of the Directive on the seconded. This became known during the recent mini-summit.
Directive provides the payment of wage workers at the minimum rates of the country where they work. During the summit, the Prime Minister of Poland Beata Shidlo said, that all four countries against the demand of the French leader Emmanuel Macron the "seconded" must be paid, including truck drivers, not less than the minimum wage of the country in which they work. "We do not agree with the introduction of the rules, that would mean the exclusion of carriers from the countries of our region from a single market," said the Polish prime minister. According to the head of the government, Baltia and Poland should act as a united front against this directive - under the auspices of Estonia, which, from July 1, presides over the Council of the EU.
2017-09-12 13:48:00