Belarus. Truck drivers competed in Brest

On the weekend of September 8 - 9, the final stage of the 10th professional skills competition for drivers of the main road trains took place in the Belarusian Brest, in which representatives of 16 domestic transport companies took part. On the first day of the competition, the best in thrifty driving were revealed: the participants crossed the distance with minimal fuel consumption, preventing the engine from shutting down. After that, it was necessary to perform eight tasks, keeping within the allotted time with a minimum number of mistakes at the road.
The team that demonstrated the best combined result when checking the skills of driving a road train (figure driving) was the team of the hosts of the competition - SP "Vestavto" OJSC, and in the economical driving the best was the team of LLC "Belsotra" (Minsk).
2017-09-11 13:01:00