The New Generation Foundation welcomes spring

The Foundation's charges are children who are unaccompanied by their parents, children from poor and large families, as well as those who simply find themselves in a difficult life situation.

With the support of the Foundation, the students of the boarding school in Żabinek and the Social and Pedagogical Center in Brest received sets of pants, while the children from the orphanage in Dywinsk received school supplies. We also bought clothes and shoes for families with many children from several schools in Brest.

To make the children feel cosy, the rehabilitation room in the ""Tonus"" centre (Brest, Belarus) was decorated with new curtains with our support. In turn, the students of the Special School in Brest received metal constructions useful for learning.

Our project has also supported outstandingly talented children. The students of the Sports School for Children and Youth no. 3 in Brest took part in fencing competitions and the regional tournament ""Ostrza Polesia"".

Fans of the intellectual game in the chess and quarterback club, with the financial help of our project, could present their talents at the Belarusian chess championships for boys and girls in Orsha and Minsk.

In addition, last month we covered the cost of tickets to St. Petersburg for a student of secondary school no. 2 in Luninets, Victoria Czarnookia, who took part in the open maths Olympics.