The Foundation helped 6-year-old Ilyusha with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss

The “Novoye Pokolenie”, together with other charitable organizations, volunteers and caring people, helped to close the fundraising for a cochlear implant and surgery for 6-year-old Ilya Ivkovich from the Kamenets region (Belarus). The boy needed 32,000 euros to hear.

When Ilya was 2 years old, his parents noticed that the boy did not hear anything and could not speak. The doctors reassured them that everything was fine, the speech would be formed later. And only after a consultation at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Otorhinolaryngology in Minsk, the boy was given a disappointing diagnosis: chronic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (or bilateral deafness according to WHO).

For the child to begin to hear, he needed to undergo cochlear implantation. The operation to install the implant in the right ear was performed when Ilya was almost four years old. Since in Belarus such interventions are carried out for free only on one ear, parents urgently began to collect money for the implant in the second ear.

«We decided to undergo surgery at the Hearing and Speech Center Clinic of the MEDINCUS Group in the Polish city of Nadazhin, where we are already being observed,» said the boy's mother, Tatiana Ivkovich. - Time became a decisive factor for us, because our son is already six years old and the operation had to be carried out as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to collect such a large amount on their own, and they asked for help. Now Ilyusha will have an operation and long rehabilitation, but thanks to the installation of the second implant, he will always be able to hear the world around him even if one of the devices fails.