New tools for improvement of children’s sight

Keeping children healthy is one of the priorities of the «Novoye Pokolenie» Foundation. Therefore, in March, for the funds of the organization, new computer and laptop were purchased for the Brest "Nursery Garden No. 29".

The tools were needed to carry out treatment with the help of computer programs and to organize correctional and pedagogical work using a multimedia device for children with visual impairments.

"Nursery-kindergarten No. 29" in Brest, as a combined type institution where there are six general-purpose groups and four special groups for children with visual impairments function, is the only one in the city.

Medical rehabilitation and correctional pedagogical work is carried out with children with visual impairments, which is organized according to the ophthalmologist’s prescription. To achieve positive results, the work is carried out in close connection between treatment and corrective work. To carry out the necessary treatment and training, the institution has a medical office equipped with ophthalmological devices.

Therapeutic and restorative work also involves the use of medical and diagnostic computer programs since children are 3-4 years old: "eYe", "Spider", "Crosses", "Relax!", "Blade", etc. The use of computer programs is aimed at improving vision and provides therapeutic effect: develops the correct perception of images, coordinates the functionality of the eyes, develops the motor functions of the eye muscles.