E100 Family is not slowing down! Another E100 Family action for the drivers!

This week began with an unexpected and pleasant gift for many drivers. On Monday, 19th October at the E100 Power MAX station in Zgorzelec (Poland), near the German border, E100 Family volunteers organized another charity action for truck drivers - Health station.

The Health station is a place where drivers could not only receive a pleasant and tasty bonus to maintain their immunity, but also gain a good mood. Together with Citronex, the E100 Family team distributed 150 kits with healthy cookies and juice to strengthen immunity. Additionally, all participants of the action received a special health care kit (protective masks, disinfectant, napkins) as a gift.

Helping truck drivers is a key task of the E100 Family project, closely related to company's core business. The health station is held for the second time this year. The main aim of the initiative is to strengthen drivers' immunity and show that the company values their hard work very much. In addition, E100 Family actively supports drivers with free hot meals at border crossings."