Belarus. On the 1st of October BY248 station (Е30/М1 Brest – Minsk, 49 km, v. Peski, to the right, white-green) entered Е100 Power network
Russia. From the 29th of September crossing point Lars – Kazbegi on Russian – Georgian border is temporary closed because of the danger of a landslide in Devdoraki gorge
Germany. From the 30th of September DE148 station will be closed (Bredenhop 23, distr. Schnathorst, Huellhorst city). The nearest filling stations are DE144 and DE143
According to granica.gov.pl, in the morning of the 29th of September waiting time for crossing Polish-Belarusian border by trucks constitutes from 2 till 13 hours (Kukuryki – 2 hours, Kuznitsa – 8 hours, Bobrovniki – 13 hours)